Welcome, Troy, to the InkSoft Team!

Our newest addition to the InkSoft team is web developer Troy Loberger. Learn about Troy and how he found his way into the tech field!

Many essential components keep InkSoft moving behind the scenes, and part of that is our talented crew of web developers. They help maintain our websites, apps and apply their valuable knowledge to help keep everything running smoothly.

A Wisconsin native, Troy holds a Bachelor’s degree in computer information systems from the University of Wisconsin.

Troy says he first took an interest in coding in the early 2000s, “when AOL Instant Messenger was cool.” During that time, he’d build different scrolling marquees and learned HTML. But back then, Troy says he had no idea he was starting the beginning of what would eventually become his career as a web developer.

Since those early days of coding, Troy has accomplished quite a few exciting projects. He’s built and maintained multiple websites and apps in a wide range of industries, including infrastructure, security, and data administration. 

Career Path

Troy’s career path has also taken him on an exciting journey across the country. A few years ago, Troy was offered an opportunity with an airline company based in Phoenix, so in September 2018, he packed his bags and headed to Arizona.

Working with the company’s security team, Troy controlled an app for employees that enabled them to pass through TSA without waiting in line and get to their posts quicker. He also worked on a portion of the app that held back passengers on the no-fly list.

The airline industry helped Troy grow his experience, but he eventually set his sights on new horizons. Lucky for us, that next step brought him here, to InkSoft.

Goals with InkSoft

As a web developer for InkSoft, Troy says his goal is to apply his sharp coding background skills and mutually grow with InkSoft. However, he says he also feels the team is brilliant.

Troy also says he’s excited to bring Alpine, his loveable and sweet two-year-old husky/golden retriever mix, into the office to meet everyone.

An Outdoor Enthusiast

With all the outdoor opportunities Arizona offers, Troy keeps himself busy with a broad set of hobbies. He enjoys rock climbing, camping, mountain biking on South Mountain, and even hiked Havasupai Falls. Troy says it was cold since he visited the falls in November, but still a breathtaking experience.

Speaking of the cold weather, Troy also loves snowboarding, whether it’s up north in Flagstaff or in Tahoe, Salt Lake, or Denver.

He’s also ventured elsewhere for his outdoor adventures. Troy’s been to more than 20 different countries backpacking and is a big fan of Europe.

We’re excited that all of Troy’s adventures eventually brought him to InkSoft. We are eager for his web development skills to help us maximize how we help our customers grow their businesses.