Bottom Line Up Front: Joe Berthelot, a User Interface Designer, a User Experience Designer & Research, and a Front End Developer, is the newest addition to InkSoft’s team! We discuss why we’re so grateful to have him below.

At InkSoft, we believe that we’re only as strong as our team. That’s why when we see individuals with incredible talent and genuine community-mindedness, we do everything we can to bring them on board. 

We’re grateful to be in a position where we can be adding talent to our team — and subsequently adding more value to our customers’ lives. Because we know it’s not just about having the best technology. It’s about creating the most value for our customers — through product, service, and care

So please, join us in welcoming Joe Berthelot — the newest addition to our team, and someone who we know will go the extra mile for our customers.

Joe’s official title — a User Interface Designer, a User Experience Designer & Researcher, and a Front End Developer — is as much a mouthful as it is an accurate look at his versatility. While his more than 10 years of experience has given him the time to become an expert in each role, it’s also given him the time to cement his overarching goal.

To create beautiful, memorable, and joyful experiences through web and mobile applications.

Joe’s passion for molding elegant, user-friendly interfaces comes through clearly in every task he takes on, and we’re so excited that that passion will now be unfolding on the InkSoft stage. 

Previously, Joe has worked with a diverse range of businesses — ranging from small, local companies to large, enterprise-level corporations — in order to improve (or design from scratch) their user experiences. In addition to designing, he’s also adept at application and web development, specializing in the Angular framework.

Always looking to share his knowledge, Joe has also volunteered as a Professional User Interface & User Experience Mentor, where he mentored students on all things career. His commitment to helping them out — to consistently offering them invaluable insight, and asking for nothing in return — is what made us sure that he was the right fit for our team. 

“My passion is marrying design and development,” Joe explained — but not just for technical reasons. His constant #1 priority? “A stellar customer experience.”

When he’s not working or mentoring, he’s usually soaking up nature — whether hiking, building a campfire, or traveling somewhere new (like his personal favorite, the Galapagos Islands), Joe loves to immerse himself in his environment. And ponder the universe every now and then.

So, again, we’re so stoked to welcome Joe — and his innovative approach to design, and his adventurous sense of spirit — to the team. We know he’ll fit right in, and we can’t wait to see all of the value he’ll add to our digital experiences — and to our InkSoft community as a whole.