Bottom Line Up Front: Can you tell we’re excited? David Weitzner is InkSoft’s newest addition to the team, and he’s bringing his wealth of insight, passion, & innovation to the Chief Customer Officer role! Check out how he’s planning to optimize the customer experience below.

We’ve said it once, we’ve said it a thousand times, and yes — we’re going to say it again: at InkSoft, we’re only as strong as our team. That’s why when we pick new innovators to bring into our fold, when we scan the horizon for top-notch talent and extend an invitation, we’re not just looking at their qualifications.

Don’t get us wrong, their qualifications are important. We want people on our team who know their trade, who study their niche, and who deliver. But their qualifications — their career points on hard paper — aren’t everything. 

Because they don’t give us the full picture. 

They don’t give us the ins and outs of their story, and they don’t give us the comprehensive understanding we need to figure out if and how they’ll fit into our mosaic of talent.

The way we see it, strong accomplishments and impressive accolades are only the tip of the iceberg. What we want to know is their passion. What we want to get a feel for is how they take risks. What we want to understand are their drivers, their motivators, and the value they’re most proud of bringing to the table.

In other words: we want to know all of our team members wholly, as the complete, three-dimensional people they are. And once we do know them, once we do bring them into our fold, we can’t help but be overcome with excitement to share their stories with all of you.

Today’s new addition to the InkSoft family is an expert, but beyond his expertise — he’s passionate. He’s thoughtful. And he has a penchant for personal growth, for outdoing himself, in an industry that’s evolving at the speed of light.

David Weitzner is InkSoft’s new Chief Customer Officer, and he’s bringing his wealth of customer experience insight, his love of learning, and his vision for the new world of value-centric support with him. We couldn’t be prouder to have him on board — so let’s get into showing him off.

Chief Customer Officer: David Weitzner

The business model at InkSoft is oriented around the success of our customers. If you’re not succeeding, then we’re not doing our jobs right. And the key to us doing our jobs right is having the right people steering the ship.

David is our newest captain. With a background that includes serving in a multitude of leadership roles at Fortune 500 companies like SAP and Sage and high-growth startups like Nextiva and Top Banana Promotions, he’s earned his stripes — and the world-class dexterity that comes with them.

Throughout his impressive career, David’s been both a champion and an influencer of cloud-based technologies. From his top-tier roles in helping to launch software-as-a-service solutions in the CRM sector to his work at the forefront of SaaS launches in the ERP, HR, and VoIP fields, he’s as grounded in his approach as he is diverse in brainstorming new applications.

So, what is his approach? It all comes down to his anytime-anywhere philosophy. For any leader in the customer operations space, having a passion for molding the perfect balance of people support and process support is integral — but where David differs is his take on accessibility throughout the customer experience.

He believes that in order to maximize InkSoft customers’ experiences with the products (and the community as a whole), he needs to expand the focus to their entire journey. Not just one concentrated point, and not just one quantifiable trajectory. 

In other words: InkSoft customers are all different, and your experiences with our products will be different too. David understands that — and he puts that individualization first.

How does he do it? Through accessibility. By building an approach on the principles of value-based engagements and focusing his processes on the human elements that drive successful customer interactions, he’s able to meet customers where they — and their needs — are. 

And he’s able to train the rest of the team to do it, too.

From pre-sale to post-sale, from first contact to veteran customer, David has what it takes to add value, thoughtful care, and that human spark to each and every customer experience. Whether it’s his eye for product support, boosting revenue growth, or solving problems, we can’t wait to watch him work his magic — and watch you reap the benefits.

An Arizona resident since 1980, David’s an active and proud member of his community, and he takes his passion for supporting those he interacts with everywhere he goes. He loves spending time with his family, enjoying his beautiful outdoor surroundings, and playing golf and pickleball whenever he can.

David’s heading into his new role with the determination, enthusiasm, and open ears he’s been known for throughout his career. He’s a forward thinker, a team player, and a bundle of refreshingly good ideas, and we’re ecstatic that he’s our new Chief Customer Officer. 

So here’s a message for all of you: Get ready. Because marked, personalized, and unrivaled support is coming your way.
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