Today we have a special edition of the BIG Idea Podcast! This episode digs into some super-relevant information around trademark and copyright laws, and specifically how they apply to printers.

We were lucky enough to connect with Seth Gardenswartz of Blackgarden Law. He has a ton of industry experience (so much so that we trust him with our trademark and copyright management).

In this episode we dig into topics like:

  • The difference between trademarks, copyrights, and patents
  • The limits of copyright protection
  • Things to look out for when printing 3rd party designs
  • Work for hire agreements and indemnity protection for your shop
  • Potential consequences of violations
  • Brand vs. Trademark
  • How to protect your trademark
  • Best ways to engage with legal professionals

Seth is probably a guy you’re going to want to talk with, so here is his information:
(888) 317-3556
Request an Appointment

He’s also been kind enough to offer our listeners a special flat rate project of a “Work for Hire agreement” (including a 15 min consultation) for $350 (would generally be $500). *This is the agreement you would use for any creative work done by a 1099 independent contractor.