Build the Perfect Decorated-Apparel E-commerce Site: Part 2

What experiences does the typical consumer expect when shopping and purchasing personalized apparel? Your website needs to satisfy as many expectations as possible. 

Yes, it’s time to take a hard look at your current website, and see how many of these questions you can answer “yes” to—if you tally up more than a few “nos,” it’s time for that website revamp.

Do your site visitors understand what you offer?

  • Can they easily review your product and service offerings?
  • Can they easily see how to buy your products or engage  services for their project if they think it’s a fit?

Can your site visitors easily browse and buy on your site?

  • Can they easily browse your blank products?
  • Can they review artwork options, including designs, graphics and fonts?
  • Can they customize their designs online?
  • Can they get an accurate price quote? 
  • Can they check out, pay and complete their order?
  • Can they review their order history?
  • Can they place reorders?
  • Can they print or reprint order receipts?

Can visitors communicate with you and your team? 

  • Can they easily find your contact information?
  • Can they quickly request more information or send you questions?
  • Can they check on their order status at any time?
  • Can they share images of blank or personalized products with their colleagues, family or friends? 
  • Can they locate your policies related to returns, refunds and shipping? (Note: Payment processors require clear, accessible terms and policies.) 

Can your visitors easily access your site from any device?

  • Have you optimized your site so customers can research, browse and buy from any desktop or mobile device? 

Are you ready to start selling more, get your shop organized and provide your clients with better buying experiences?