Ten years is a long time—it’s 3,650 days or 87,600 hours or 5,256,000 minutes. But who’s counting? At InkSoft, we are.

We’re celebrating a stellar decade in business. A lot has changed in the decorating landscape since 2009, and we like to think we’ve been part of that positive change, in partnership with our customers. Back then, as major online e-tailers disrupted the marketplace, we asked some big questions: Why aren’t traditional print shop and garment decorators selling online? What’s it going to take for them to compete online in this new digital economy ten years from now?

Our answer: We invented InkSoft, a cloud-based business software platform just for print shops and decorators, which includes an e-commerce platform, and back-end production management tools. We want every print shop to have an immediate online presence to grab their share of the marketplace—and have the ability to scale agilely.

Today, we continue to grow by helping our customers sell more online and run more efficient businesses. Ultimately, we stay relevant because of our customers and, of course, our team, who strives to create the best revenue-driving tools for decorators and print shop out there.