Are you ready to dig in for a new sports season?

Bottom Line Up Front: With summer in full swing, it’s hard to think that school sports season is just around the corner. Thankfully, this season looks like it’ll be more promising than 2020, with most schools moving back to a more typical setup than last year. That means it’ll be time to start prepping designs and printing merch for your local schools sooner than you realize.

A quick refresher

Remember in-person events? Maybe you’ve already been able to attend a few since things have rounded the corner. If you need a refresher, here are a few must-haves for the fall and winter sports season:

Printed Jerseys: Schools need fresh new uniforms for their teams this year, so make sure you’re prepared.

Custom T-Shirts: In addition to shirts for the team, having a handful of different options for everyone on the sidelines is a great idea too. Whether it’s mom, dad, or just a few friends who want to cheer their athlete friends on, printed T-shirts are a great way to pump up school spirit. Plus, they can have more variety than the jerseys with custom school slogans or quotes.

Headwear: If you’re in a region where the weather cools down in the fall, having custom-printed headwear with the school’s team logos is also a great addition. Depending on the climate where you live, you can offer printed caps and beanies or a combination of both.

Socks: Socks decorated with school logos and mascots are an easy add-on to apparel orders. If your shop already prints shirts and hats, adding this item to your lineup is usually a seamless process.

Get started early

It’s exciting that school sports are coming back. Still, one thing we’re all dealing with is a supply chain shortage that’s affected everything from Starbucks drinks to blank garments. Ensure you start reaching out to schools and booster clubs as early as possible to get around this.

You can get the jump on the season with a few simple steps:

  • Send quotes and approvals to school sports clients online with InkSoft faster.
  • Set up school teams and booster clubs with custom stores to order their merch online.
  • Send an email to your school apparel clients to let them know they need to set up orders earlier this year. Don’t assume they know about the shortages since it might not occur to them if they don’t work in your industry.

Make it happen

Lastly, sure you let customers know some things are out of your control. Suppose there’s a delay in getting blank jerseys from the manufacturer. In that case, that’s not something you can prevent, so the more you communicate with clients, the better.

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