Bottom Line Up Front: Our friends at ShipStation, the leading web-based shipping software, have just announced their Holiday Sweepstakes — and we wanted to give you the chance to enter! With $5,000 worth of upgrades available, there’s nothing to lose and SO much to gain. Details below.

For those of you who already know about the magic of ShipStation, you know that they’re the leading web-based shipping software for a reason. They streamline your order management, automate your shipping processes, customize your branding capabilities, and give you that much-needed assist on inventory management.

In other words: for high-volume sellers, ShipStation is a tried-and-true secret weapon.

For those of you who haven’t yet been acquainted with the multifaceted system, we’re going to go ahead and recommend that you do yourselves a favor… and start learning.

If you’re an InkSoft customer, you already know that investing in your e-commerce practice is a one-way ticket to increasing, and sustaining, long-term sales. You already know that arming your business with best-in-class technology leads to better results, and you already know that organizing your backend processes gives you more time to focus on locking in sales.

Just like InkSoft, ShipStation is software that’ll uplevel your team’s efficiency. It’ll smooth out your operations, and it’ll help you stand out in a marketplace crowded with online sellers.

And, since it’s already fully integrated with InkSoft, there’s no lag or transition process. The only thing that there is? Results.

The Sweepstakes

Every year, ShipStation rolls out a Holiday Sweepstakes that aims to bring organization, efficiency, and greater selling power to one lucky seller. It’s always a special contest, but this year, in the wake of a global pandemic and the meteoric rise of e-commerce, the prizes on offer are even more meaningful.

This year, one lucky merchant will be walking away with $5,000 worth of e-commerce upgrades.

What does that mean? That means that they’ll win a $250 USPS postage credit, a top-tier barcode scanner, and a thermal printer with four label rolls. It means that they’ll get a wireless shipping scale, branded tape, stickers, & tissue paper (from Noissue), and a hand truck dolly. And finally, it means that they’ll secure their very own tape gun & water-activated tape dispenser, a USB-C to USB converter, an iPad Pro (with Apple Care), and one full year of ShipStation Enterprise.

For free.

Enter for a chance to win a $5,000 workstation upgrade for your ecommerce business, just in time for holiday orders!

There is absolutely no purchase required, and there is absolutely no downside to entering this sweepstakes. Simply fill out the form — and you’re in. No hidden fees. No secret strings.

Enter the Holiday Sweepstakes today! We’ll keep our fingers crossed for you!