When your customers promote their online merchandise, everyone wins.

Imagine your customers. The coach of a high-school football team. The founder of a small business. The woman who, after hearing about the Nashville tornado, was looking for a way to help. They might be different people, but they all have one thing in common.

Their love of community.

When they create online stores with you, they’re looking for ways to showcase – and increase – support of their community. They love their school, business, or city so much that they want everyone else to buy in, too.

Here’s how you can help them.

The Right Tools

Give your customers the tools they need to share their online merch stores effectively. It’s not just about getting the info out there – it’s about compelling the people it reaches to be a part of the team.

Shareable images. Straightforward messaging. Incentives. These are the things that make promotion not only seamless but successful.

Nobody can connect better with your customers’ communities than them. Encourage them to use order deadlines, promotional offers, and personalized messaging to make the promotion feel specific and unique.

Deadlines that coincide with playoff games. Promotions that coincide with Christmas. Messages to rally support. All of these are effective.

The online merch stores your customers create aren’t just selling spirit wear and branded apparel. They’re selling the idea of community. And when you provide them with the right baseline tools, you’re exponentially increasing the potential for those sales, for that idea, to spread.

Share It Your Way

You know your customers are all different. They have different needs – so of course, they have different means of communication with their community, too.

Maybe the high school football team is active on Twitter. Maybe the small business sends out a weekly email. Maybe the hashtag #NashvilleStrong is gaining traction on Instagram.

Get to know your customer – ask them how they reach their community. Empower them to use the tools already in their tool-belt to spread awareness, drive sales, and ultimately increase unity.

When you work with your customers to enable them to promote their own products, you’ll see a difference. To their communities, nothing feels more personal than promotion coming from the inside. Members love to support their own.

Sharing is Caring

It could be looking around a high-school football game and seeing the bleachers packed with fans wearing the same spirit wear. It could be handing out the first branded hoodies to employees. Or it could be raising thousands of dollars for fundraising relief by selling Nashville Strong t-shirts.

Whatever the environment, whatever the initiative, the feeling is the same.

It’s unmistakable.

The feeling of being a part of something bigger. Of pride. Of community.

When you empower your customers to promote their own online merch stores, you’re not just increasing sales – you’re increasing awareness, enthusiasm, and support of that feeling.

You’re helping them strengthen their communities. And that’s always a good thing.

Customer Sharing Examples

High school promoting their online store using their Twitter.
School promoting its online store via Twitter.
Basketball club promoting its online store via Twitter.

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