On the next The Big Idea podcast, we welcome entrepreneur and innovator Tim Williams with YR Store. He will chat with us about how Pop-Up Stores work, and how he has achieved success worldwide with this sales strategy. 

If you are a fan of DTG or doing something different, this is a show you don’t want to miss.

This episode includes:

  • What exactly is a Pop-Up store?
  • How do you reach a different consumer or test new ideas?
  • What type of spaces or venues are good for a Pop-Up store?
  • How experience leads to bigger sales and creating more value.
  • What type of planning is involved for a Pop-Up store?
  • What adds to the experience in running a Pop-Up store?
  • What Tim uses for planning and design for the space he uses.
  • How and why customer flow is important.
  • How technology plays a big role in customer experience.
  • How the experience of watching the garment being printed adds to the experience of the Pop-Up store.
  • How social media influencers can impact the success of the event.
  • How to market your Pop-Up store for better success and sales.
  • How and why a limited edition print can add value to a design by limiting the number of time the image is printed.
  • What are the top number 1 and 2 things to consider before doing a successful Pop-Up store.

Here it is!

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