InkSoft Proposals is the industry’s fastest and easiest way to create, send, and manage digital art approvals, invoices, sales presentations, and now quotes!

Send as Quote

Certain sales scenarios require that you present branded merchandise as a quote. For example, when selling to schools, you must present a formal quote for approval and to receive a purchase order. Now, when sending a branded merchandise order from InkSoft Proposals, you can send as a quote, invoice, or approval/sales presentation.

View overview of the all-new Send as Quote feature in InkSoft Proposals

Create better (and faster) art approvals, quotes, invoices, and sales presentations.

With InkSoft Proposals, you’ll have all the tools you need to create professional, fully digital art approvals, quotes, invoices, and sales presentations. Get branded merchandise ideas and options in front of prospective customers fast so you can secure orders by beating your competition. Save time, boost sales productivity, and win more business with smart presentations. Want to see InkSoft Proposals in action? Get a virtual tour with one of our industry experts to learn more.

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