In this week’s InkSoft software release, we added two new features to the printing capabilities settings available at each blank customizable product. Watch the video overview below to learn all about these new features.

Set Days to Produce

You can now control the number of ‘days to produce’ for each decoration method assigned to a blank customizable product.

New InkSoft Features
Enter number of days to produce at each decoration method

Assign Ink Palettes to Products

It’s now possible to assign one or more custom ink palette to a blank product. When assigning more than one palette, InkSoft will auto-magically merge the assigned palettes into one. Assigned color palettes will be visible to your customers when using the online Designer, and to you and your team when using Rapid Product Creator to generate product mock-ups for online Stores, offline orders, invoices, or Proposals.

New InkSoft Features
Access assigned ink palettes in Rapid Product Creator

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