Bottom Line Up Front: Please welcome to the stage, drum enthusiast, and all-around great guy, Jason Barton! He’s passionate about metaphysics, raising his son, and connecting with our InkSoft customers on a personal level. Interacting with others on a human level is his expertise and we’re happy to have his skill set join our team! You can learn more about Jason’s experience and his InkSoft goals here!

As an E-commerce platform, growth is important to us. We understand the best way for us to grow as a team is to ensure our customers are also excelling. To continue growing, we prioritize understanding what our customers need. Once we have a list of goals our customers want to reach, we can assess and start implementing change. Few share this mindset, but we have been lucky enough to find someone who lives and breathes by this mentality. Jason is always willing to go the extra mile for his customers. We understand our customers have a lot on their plate while running a business, so to help ease your mind a little, we decided this new employee will become a valuable asset to add to our family.

Building connections, helping business owners realize their business objectives, and always being available to our customers is important to this new hire. He’s had a lengthy career in business development so far and is ready to bring his wisdom to InkSoft.

This hire is ready to hit the ground running and share with the world, everything InkSoft has to offer! Knowing this platform is focused on E-commerce for apparel businesses, he is ready to help ensure customers are utilizing InkSoft to its full potential! We are pleased to welcome this customer-centric guru to our team. Please say hello to part-time band member and full-time Client Advisor, Jason Barton!

Client Advisor: Jason Barton

Before starting his career, Jason graduated from Wesleyan University with a Bachelor’s in History and German. He planned to attend grad school but was lucky enough to have a job offer, as a territory manager, right out of college. Soon after, Jason began his career as an Inside Sales Executive with SAP, a computer software company. During his time with this group, he, as some would say, “carried the big bag” when working with numerous multi-billion companies. While trying to balance over a thousand SKUs over a long period, Jason was determined to bring care and attention to detail to these projects. He always attempted to bring professionalism to every conversation he had with his clients. After working with SAP for three years, Jason moved on to working for an e-commerce company! Having this experience, Jason easily understands the mentality our customers have when they use InkSoft.

We all know the e-commerce world is large, but Jason believes that being there for the customer, understanding, and listening to their wants and needs is critical to be the most effective in this role. This is so important that he lives by three cardinal rules, always have an 80% listening and 20% speaking approach, be as clear and straightforward as you can with the customer, and always add value to a conversation. As an InkSoft employee, Jason has lived by these rules thus far! Working with potential InkSoft customers, Jason’s role is to give these potential users a visual of our tool, show them the workflow from beginning to end, and how InkSoft will relate to their business well as make things easier for them.

Having worked with small to medium businesses all the way to billion-dollar enterprise businesses, one thing has always stayed consistent with Jason. His interactions with customers speak volumes about his character! Jason knows some customers are nervous about us not understanding their business challenges, so he tries his hardest to understand each challenge the customers face and then helps them find solutions. Creating trust and having a healthy relationship with each customer is imperative to Jason and his role.

Jason is an accomplished professional, and we know he’ll be a great resource for our current and future InkSoft customers! Showing value in every interaction is significant to Jason. We know he will be your go-to contact when it comes to improving your business tools. We cannot wait for you to speak with him in the future!