Welcome Ariana to the Team!

Bottom Line Up Front: Our Customer Support team is expanding, and we couldn’t be happier. Introducing our newest hire: Ariana is 1 part audience experience connoisseur, 1 part content mastermind, and a whole lot of heart. Get to know her story!

The InkSoft team is growing, and we want to make sure you’re right beside us for every step of the ride. Because no matter how many people we add to the family — no matter how many experts join our departments and no matter how many leaders take charge inside our walls — our relationship with you will stay the same.

That sense of openness, of transparency. That commitment to communication. That feeling of community. 

Those are the elements that make up the InkSoft approach — and they’re the elements that we’ll prioritize first and foremost as we continue to move through 2021.

But enough about us. Today, we’re here to bring you news of another new hire. A hire who, even if you’re just the slightest bit involved with InkSoft technology, you’ll have the high likelihood of speaking to at some point down the road. A hire who shares our values and champions them through all that she does day-to-day, and a hire who we’re beyond excited to finally, officially, introduce you to.

She’s had an action-packed, high-energy, jealousy-invoking professional career so far. She’s been a longtime volunteer and a passionate employee, and if there’s one thing she loves, it’s getting to leave her mark on people

Ladies and gentlemen of the InkSoft community, Ariana Vallejo is here — and she’s already taking her new role as Customer Support Specialist by storm.

Customer Support Specialist: Ariana Vallejo

Ariana’s career began with an oomph when she graduated from Arizona State with a degree in Sports Journalism. Perpetually hungry for the unique spirit that comes with live sporting events, she dove headfirst into the world of athletics, holding a diverse handful of roles.

First, while still in school, she was the Digital Marketing Lead Intern for SaeYae Productions, where she helped steer video production and content for athletes and organizations. Next up was her Video Production Internship with the Arizona Diamondbacks, where she covered events including Spring Training, 2018 Fan Fest, and several Media and Game Days throughout the year. 

In 2019, Ariana was promoted to Game Operations Assistant with the Diamondbacks, coordinating all in-game promotions and spearheading their execution. She left such an impact in this role that she was even named the Game Operations MVP of the year. What came next? The Arizona Coyotes.

As Stage Manager for the Coyotes, Ariana was in charge of creating a fun-filled, memorable experience for fans at the Gila River Arena. She supervised the live entertainment, assisted with pre- and in-game promotions, and always responded to the fast-changing needs of the Coyotes Crew team, hosts, and mascots. While serving in this role, Ariana was also holding onto her Stage Manager position with the Arizona Cardinals Football Club — a tried and true multitasker if we’ve ever seen one.

In the summer of 2020, Ariana began working with CCG Catalyst Consulting Group as their Digital Production Consultant. From pitching new ideas to executing and post-producing all content, she continuously — and enthusiastically — experimented with new ways to improve audience engagement. 

And that takes us to the present. Joining InkSoft as a full-fledged team member in February of this year, Ariana took her years of professional experience to a company that values its immersive, enthralling, value-heavy audience experience as much as any sports organization. (And while we don’t have a working mascot per se, we are known to let our technology speak for us.)

So by now, it’s pretty clear just why Ariana is the perfect expert for the role: she’s obsessed with making the experiences of the people around her better, and she won’t quit until she’s dialing that value way up. From the stadium to the meeting room, she’s bringing her all at every checkpoint. But there’s still one more ingredient we have to introduce you to.

That ingredient? Ariana’s incredible volunteer experience. For over two years, she worked as a Meal Packer for the organization Feed My Starving Children, which packages and ships whole meals to hungry children across the world. She also took the time to serve food and beverages with the Phoenix Panhellenic Association, with all money raised going to support scholarships given to Arizona undergraduate or graduate alumnae.

Ariana’s also served on the event staff for ASU’s Miracle Network Dance Marathon, with all funds raised going towards the Phoenix Children’s Hospital, and she currently volunteers with The Movement Phoenix, which works to alleviate poverty locally.

So now you have the full picture. You can see exactly why we picked her out of the lineup, and you can trust us when we say — she’s the real deal. She knows her stuff when it comes to creating interactions that excite, inspire, and impact, and she knows her stuff when it comes to caring.

We can’t wait to hear about all of the ways Ariana helps your InkSoft experience get that much better — because we know you’ll be as blown away by her as we are. 

Ariana, welcome to the team. We’re so glad to have you.