This week we welcome Jay Berman with Visual Impressions to discuss all things contract decorating. Jay and his business partner Todd Richheimer operate Visual Impression in two shops. One in Milwaukee, and the other in St. Louis.

In this episode, Jay will talk about what it takes to run a contract decorating shop, and how they opened a second location in another city.  Don’t miss this one!

This episode includes:

  • Their journey from a small garage shop to operating two facilities, in different cities.
  • Why contract printing made more sense for them from a revenue-generating standpoint.
  • How they run their business as a family, and the rules they have in place to make it work.
  • How does company culture impact growth and running the business?
  • How can customers “feel” your culture in the ways that you interact with them?
  • Why they use their best employees to help with training.
  • Why they decided to open a second location in another city, and how they are getting business for both.
  • The basics of running a successful contract shop, and some tips on operating one efficiently.
  • How they have multiple employees working remotely in different cities, (not the ones where their two shops operate) gives them an advantage.
  • Contract vs Retail
  • How they run their shops without using salespeople at all.
  • The story of how they bought their first automatic press.
  • And more!

Here’s the new episode:

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