MMA Fighter Chooses InkSoft Stores for Son’s Fundraiser

InkSoft Stores are the best way to run a fundraiser around the idea of selling printed goods. One of our InkSoft customers recently ran a successful fundraiser for local resident Ray Borg (who happens to be a star MMA fighter for the UFC).

Ray Borg and his wife discovered that their newborn son was born with Hydrocephalus, a brain condition that makes it difficult for a person to drain their own spinal fluid.  

With the impending medical bills, Ray thought they could raise some money by selling t-shirts to community members, both in the local area and across the world. Ray knew he had a platform he could use to get the word out — his social media following and connections with the UFC gave him a crowd of engaged people that were willing to help. What he didn’t have, however, was an easy way to sell, print, and deliver the t-shirts.

That’s where he enlisted the help of Scott Creagan and Graphic Connection in Albuquerque, New Mexico. “We set up his online store, and we did a gray t-shirt with a 2 color print and a 1 color print on the back. He thought we’d move 50-100 shirts, 600 shirts later we were able to raise quite a bit of money to help pay for some of their medical bills.”

Ray Borg Fundraising Store by InkSoft

Ray loved the InkSoft store that Graphic Connection provided. He said the online store “really made it easy to where I could just plug that into all my social media outlets and as simple and easy as a click away–you order your shirts!”

Ray Borg's Inksoft Store Fundraiser

He finally found the solution to make his vision a reality, and it was the technology Graphic Connection used to collect orders online and manage fulfillment. “It ended up being an enormous help by helping me get shirts out, collect payments, and so forth.”

The results were fantastic! After the short 6+ weeks the InkSoft fundraising store was open, Graphic Connection was able to deliver an $8000 check to the Borg family. Ray said “it did insanely better than we thought!”

Scott remembers that “when [he] presented that check to Ray, it was a touching experience. I mean he had no idea we were going to raise as much as we did. It was a neat deal that we were able to use an InkSoft store to raise money for a really good cause.”

The simplicity of InkSoft Stores made it easy for Ray and for Graphic Connection. The headaches normally associated with collecting orders and payments, along with the order management and fulfillment on the printing side, all went away. Instead, they were able to put effort into simply spreading the word about the fundraiser.

Think of what you could do, and how can you help the world, with technology like this? We can’t wait to see!

To see how the InkSoft Stores platform works, check out our online tour page.