Increase Sales with Limited Run Offerings

Scarcity and urgency are trigger words in marketing, and for good reason. These are the psychological factors that go into a consumer’s likelihood of buying a product. Apparel decorators can definitely take advantage of these marketing tactics to increase sales.

Limited run products to boost sales

Take a look at this example of Elon Musk offering a limited run of “The Boring Company” hats. A lot went into this strategy, but one obvious consideration was to put a time and number constraint on the hat order. The results were amazing. (It’s important to note that they sold simple, embroidered hats to the tune of $1 million in sales…we’re not talking about cars, space travel, or anything new. Just hats). 

This strategy created an environment of exclusivity and urgency for consumers to decide to buy NOW. Unless otherwise prompted, buyers often have the tendency to be like one of my favorite t-shirt slogans: “Procrastinators: leaders of tomorrow.”

InkSoft can help screenprinters and decorators utilize urgency in marketing their own products and those of the customer they are serving. Our Stores have an optional “countdown” component that allows visitors to see that time is literally ticking down on their ability to purchase.

Your customer will get more sales, and you’ll have an easier time fulfilling an order that comes through all at one time, rather than a bunch of trickling orders spread out over time.

Give us a call at 800-410-3048 or sign up for a demo to see how we can get you and your customers set up with online stores, and how you can start using the countdown timer to spur more sales.