Bottom Line Up Front: If you’re printing for schools or sports teams, you need modern solutions to help those customers collect orders and sell to parents and teams faster. We’ve put together a handy out-of-the-box kit with premade templates that schools or teams can use so that you can print more products for them.

Schools and team sports are a significant revenue generator for most print shops since they need custom-printed merch every season. And, there’s no shortage of students, parents, and booster clubs/fans looking to buy something that shows their team pride and school spirit. You might have the printing part nailed down, but what if you had a tool to help your school and team sports customers sell faster and easier to those students, athletes, and parents?

That’s why we’re happy to introduce our newest Online Stores Promotional Kit, featuring free premade templates.

That’s right. We’re giving you a free set of resources to make and pass along to your schools or team sports customers for advertising their product offerings. These premade templates save your shop time and money since no significant design work is involved. Have your customers provide or add in their information, and they’ve got a great way to promote their offering and sell more gear.

Customers provide you with or add a few core items to the template, including:

  • A store logo
  • A call-to-action like “Place Your Bears Gear Order Today!”
  • An order deadline (Optional)
  • A URL to their team store
  • Additional contact information like a phone number, a QR code, or email address.

In addition to premade flyer templates, the kit features a complete set of social media captions for easy promotion of this service. All you need to do is add in some simple data like team names and school years, and you’re ready to go.

They sell more, and you sell more.

Here’s the best part, the more your school and team sports customers can sell to parents and students, the more you’re able to print and fulfill orders for that school or team. End-customers get high-quality printed goods from your shop, you get to grow your business, and customers want to work with you season after season.

Plus, consistent business with schools or teams means other organizations will take note and turn to you for all their printing needs. You’ll be able to bring in more business from other school sources like:

  • Fundraisers
  • Alumni Events
  • Proms and Graduations
  • Non-Sports School Clubs (Drama, Science, Math, etc.)

Why Templates?

Simply put, the less time you have to spend putting together advertising assets for your school or team sports customers, the more time you can spend on refining your designs and printing custom merch. You’ll stand out from the competition by giving your customers more tools to sell better. Other customers in the area will recognize your shop as the business that offers its clients the best services on all fronts.

What You’ll Get and How to Use It

With InkSoft’s Online Stores Promotional Kits, you’ll get a set of premade templates your customers can use to promote their storefronts across all their preferred social media channels. You’ll also get many premade social posts you can use to promote this service to your customers. Just plug in their information, and you’re all set.

Why InkSoft?

Just ask some of our current customers. You’ll see that we only work with print shops like yours. We know you’re out there on the production floor every day doing the hard work, so you need solutions to help your customers and run your business right. And, we provide you with marketing tools like premade templates for your team sports customers that help you both sell more.

Ready to start getting your team sports customers set up for the 2022 season with premade templates?

Download your template now!