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InkSoft Reviews & Testimonials

What InkSoft Users are Saying

InkSoft Reviews

“Wanted to let you know that we are beyond impressed with Inksoft. Kicking myself that we didn’t do this earlier.”

– Edwin Rivera | Pixabite Studios

“We started using Inksoft at the beginning of the year as a way to streamline the way we interact with customers as well increase our online client base. Since then, it’s done that and more.
The online store feature has proved especially successful for us, making it easier for our clients to organize bulk orders, as well as making the overall ordering process more accessible and hands-on.

As a smaller independent print shop, this has certainly has made our jobs a little easier, and brought us up to speed with some of the bigger national printing chains. It’s safe to say that what began as a trial run of a new screen-printing sales software, has become an integral part of our business.”

— Alliance Graphics
“I wanted to reach out and say that I truly appreciate what you guy’s are building at InkSoft.”
— Gary R. Lewis
I felt it was time to say…InkSoft has been a GOD SEND to my business. I’m a customer for life…my business depends on it! Thanks Again!
Jonathan Tynes, Kick Print.
You have a great overall team and we love the product. To date we have processed over $180,000 in revenue on Company Stores since March of last year. The product is a differentiator in our markets and we are winning over a lot of new clients and raising the bar for existing clients making our offering more sticky.
Tony Reiling, Director of Marketing and Sales – ART F/X Screen Printing & Embroidery.
You guys are one of the best support teams with whom I’ve had the opportunity to work. Every time I’ve had a question or issue, you’ve returned my email within the business day, typically customized with a screen-capture video on how to do what I had asked. When I had an urgent issue and called in, I had an answer by the end of my phone call.

The value of having InkSoft to manage our small shop is immeasurable…

Joshua Wood Color Tech Screen Printing – Salinas, California.
“…I want to take a moment to thank you for all you are doing. Inksoft is now undoubtedly the BEST tool in the industry and I am very excited to finally implement it into our business. I know software is an evolution but to say that you all are doing a phenomenal job is an understatement! You are looking at the present, but it is evident that you have a clear roadmap to evolve with future technology to keep your customers relevant. Many of your customers, I am sure don’t even realize to what extent InkSoft is doing this. As big as you are becoming, the most important thing to me–that I most appreciate, is that you/Inksoft, still hold true to the needs of your customers, first and foremost. You listen. You plan. You improve. You execute. I’ve seen all too often as a company grow, it is easy to get caught up in the process, problems, and the bottom-line and they loose what made them special along the way.”
NB, Central Texas
I think you guys are doing FANTASTIC work. This new designers (while the old one wasn’t bad) is simply amazing. Clean, user-friendly, and simple to use. Thank you!
Bobby Rudzena, Sportdecals
I normally don’t take the time to write a company and let them know what a great product they have. As you well know, I did a great deal of research on the Inksoft system. I’ve read “Blogs” that complained about how expensive the Inksoft system was. I had numerous conversations with some of the staff at Inksoft and I visited some of the Inksoft web sites that are on the web. I decided to take a leap of faith and join the Inksoft community. I still have a few “Tweaks” to make to my web page but I have to tell you that this is THE MOST WELL THOUGHT OUT system I have ever seen. No stone was left unturned. The system is easy to work with and I can’t believe the control you have over all items. When I did need help, it has always been readily available. The closest word I can think of to describe your system is “AWESOME”. The only regret that I have is that I didn’t get involved with Inksoft a year earlier when I first heard about your system. I have been in the sign business for over 20 years and have decided to phase out my sign business and do T Shirts full-time. I can’t think of a better way to “Kick Start” my business then have my own InkSoft web site. I would tell the people that made comments on the blogs that Inksoft was too expensive that they obviously don’t know what they are talking about. Now that I have been involved with Inksoft, I can’t believe Inksoft can offer this system for such a “CHEAP” price. Knowing what I know now, I would have paid a lot more than I did.

Thanks Inksoft,

David Tees, Affordabletees
InkSoft has been a fantastic tool for our business. It was simple to integrate with our existing website and it added new features that we were previously unable to offer a customers like shipping, instantly giving quotes and of course the design studio.

We use InkSoft in a few different ways. Of course, the standard way, customers find us online, design and order product. We also see a great value when some of our lower tier existing customers come in wanting us to invest many hours worth of time for custom design. We defer them to the website (it’s like having another designer on staff). More often than not they prefer the product they come up with using InkSoft software as opposed to what we can spend hours on sitting at a computer in a graphic design program. The primary way that we using InkSoft is to offer it to people in our community so that they have a team website or a website for their company, this has been HUGE for us and has really set us apart from our competition.

InkSoft added over $40,000 to our sales that would not have existed otherwise.

Matt Doke
We’ve been a Inksoft customer for two years and really do appreciate what you guys do. The online sales and design studio has really been a huge selling point for us and we’ve picked up a lot of teams and clubs because the coaches love it and our competitors don’t offer the same unique online experience. Right now our overall sales are up 25 percent over last year. We also opened a retail storefront in September (we’re actually doing our grand opening and ribbon cutting Tuesday) where customers come in and design their shirts on our website while in the store.

Thank you again and we’re looking forward to continued growth with your team.

Eric Peterson
I am so glad that your product is on the market for companies like mine. After 7 years of the custom garment grind, you finally have the right tools for us.
Timothy Grikmanis

We were not sure about who to contact for our website and after deciding on you I would never look back questioning that call. I am not sure how the rest of the people are at your company but as for you Kim and myself feel blessed to have gotten so lucky. The level of support you have provided us with has been amazing and we could not have done it without you. 

Steve Bolek, American Sport Stop, Inc.
InkSoft has been a great investment for our company and a huge improvement over our old website. The design studio gives us an edge over our competition, reduces the time our customer service people have to spend with customers, and is there 24/7 to take orders. The ability to add webstores for important clients makes our business very “sticky” with those clients. Inksoft’s built-in Search Engine Optimization features keep our site on the first page of Google results. Over $154,000 in web sales is a testament to the impact Inksoft can have on your business. Plus, the Inksoft team is friendly, very responsive to our questions and suggestions and is always coming up with useful new features.
Jim Szczeniak, Windy City Silkscreening.
Inksoft is an amazing product, and just what we have been looking for to take our custom t-shirt and apparel business to the next level. It has a very user-friendly interface, wonderful tech support, and they are constantly adding new features. They are A+ in my book, and I recommend Inksoft to anyone looking for a strong, stable, and functional solution for their online apparel business.
I want to thank you and your staff for outstanding costumer service. In today’s world of e-commerce it is almost unheard of to find a company that will take their time and work with you. Your Staff has gone of their way to answer my questions and help me with my new website. I find it a joy to pick up the phone and talk to a person when I have a question. Your in depth video on how to do things with the web site is also op of the line, you make it easy to understand and I’m able to follow along and work on my site at the same time. Most all e-commerce sites that I looked into was a box web site or the cost was so high that a small business owner like myself or even in today’s market a big business owner just had no chance of doing a quality web site as the ones you offer. Your Web site package is by-far the best I have found, and I have been looking for a package deal for a few months now, so without spending 8 to 15 thousand dollars and months to just get it on-line. I was able tho spend a few Hours over the weekend and my site is ready to go. I have talked to a few company’s that I print Shirts for and showed them the web site and talked to them about starting their own store off of my site and they can’t Wait for me to put them on-line to sell their shirts. Thank you so much for your outstanding service and product. I look forward in a long-lasting friendship between our company’s.
The user-friendly Inksoft Design Studio and great Support Team has spurred us into an exciting new commodity for our Retail Stores and E-Commerce. With minimal effort we did $1,000 in orders in the first week we made Design Studio known to a local high school. Processing incoming orders is fast and easy. We can turn an order out in minutes.
G. “Boomer” Johnson, Boomer T’s.
We looked for a design tool for over a year, even contemplating having one built for us from scratch. When we found Ink Soft’s solution we knew it was all we needed and more! After test driving six other online design tools, we were blown away with the capabilities of Ink Soft. It was the only tool that was built by screen printers – for screen printers! They’ve covered every angle possible and when you need help, they certain to be there for you.” “We were afraid of having to hire another artist to keep up with all the orders, but the print ready art saves time and money for our company! And our customers LOVE to use the design studio and get creative on their own!” “We chose Ink Soft for several reasons – the great art that is print ready, the easy to use design studio, and simply for the fact that the developers understand our industry and our needs!” “INK SOFT ROCKS!!!”
Kori Ashton, Online Marketing Director.
About eight months ago, I found myself on a long and tedious search for an intuitive, easy-to-use Design Studio that met my standards as both a printer and user. I found myself stuck between settling for a subpar software or hiring a web developer to create a Designer from scratch. The problem with that was all the developers I spoke to (1) had never completed — atleast successfully — such a project before, and (2) had no knowledge of the imprinting industry. Then, a miracle happened; I stumbled upon Inksoft. Much to my surprise, Inksoft was everything I was looking for… created by fellow imprinters, Inksoft features a user-friendly interface, efficient and responsive customer service, dedicated design team constantly introducing new enhancements to improve the user experience, and a supportive group of knowledgeable individuals always willing and ready to offer assistance and advice. I am happy with my decision to join the Inksoft family, and I look forward to more great things to come. Thanks, Inksoft!
Mike Ng.
I run a busy t-shirt printing business in Australia – So glad I found “InkSoft” – the features are outstanding and allow me to do everything I dreamed of. It also offers purchases in Australian currency and integration with the Australian version of PayPal which is absolutely fantastic. The “Design Studio” is awesome and allows my customers to design their own custom t-shirt with the greatest of ease – my customers love it! Customer Support from Inksoft is excellent – they have exceeded my expectations in every way. I found it extremely user-friendly to ad my products to the website and the customer purchase process is extremely well thought out. I would certainly recommend Inksoft to anyone contemplating running a print business – the software even comes loaded with designs and clipart to get you started. Inksoft will not disappoint the most astute business professionals – the pricing is reasonable too.
Amanda Krombholz
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