InkSoft comes fully integrated with the optional email marketing tool Constant Contact. Since email marketing might be new to many InkSoft users, we wanted to provide some strategies, tips and tricks to aid you in building your email marketing database.

This is the first post in a series to provide insights and strategies for better email marketing campaigns.

Email Marketing Tip #1: Don’t abuse and overuse ‘urgency’.

Some companies seem addicted to email campaigns that shout breathless, time-sensitive offers. Each week, it seems, they tell subscribers about special deals that simply cant be missed””only to make a similar offer the following week.

Typical subject lines shout messages like these:

  • One more day to SAVE 15%
  • Save BIG with 20% OFF
  • Limited-time only ““ SAVE 10%
  • HUGE SALE 5 days only
  • Holiday SAVINGS 25% OFF
  • Weekend savings: Act now and SAVE 20%

The unrelenting onslaught of urgent, discounted offers probably generates short-term sales and ROI…But what about the long-term impact? Are you going to train your clients to ‘wait’ until the next big offer? Urgency works best when its, um, genuinely urgent. Use it wisely.