The ability to create custom icons for display as an ad, in any InkSoft web store ,or store front has obvious marketing benefits. Lets take a look:

-Discounts- Create on-demand incentives

-Sale events-Blow out inventory

-Top-sellers- Showcase top selling products to gain attention and get extra clicks

-New products- Got a cool new product? Put a spotlight on it.

-Hot products- Gain attention…people are curious and will click

-Hot graphics- Draw attention to cool graphics. Get someone excited about a graphic/theme and increase the likelihood of a transaction

-Official web store for the “INSERT CLIENT OR PROSPECT HERE” Promote your company along with the clients!

-Enter to win- Create on-demand contests to collect contact data, or to engage your audience

-Fundraiser- Create goodwill and promote your organization at the same time.

-Cross-promotion: ‘Check out our other stores’…’Don’t forget hoodies’. Excellent way to cross merchandize and to create one-more-sale (OMS) opportunities.

The list goes on and on.

The easiest way to create custom web icons is Icon Generator Pro. This is a freely downloadable widget (Adobe Air app for PC and Mac) to quickly create web icons. Download this free app NOW

Icon Generator Pro

Take a look at Icon Generator Pro in action, and see how to use in InkSoft