What’s one of the most important questions you need to ask yourself about your business?

Give up?

Ok, here it is: “˜How can we do what’s never been done before?’

Seriously. Ask yourself: “How will (fill in the blanks) enhance our customer’s experience in a way that’s so “˜dramatically different’ from our competitors that we capture new clients and retain existing ones and grow our share of business along the way?

This friends, is the way to growing your business.

Too many businesses (your competition) are focused on chasing the competition just to fight it out over the same clients.

Instead, develop a full-time preoccupation answering: “˜How do we do what’s never been done before?’

This approach leads to innovation, uniqueness, and a better way to run and grow your business. We think we managed to deliver on “˜how can we do what’s never been done before?’ How will you?

For starters: Give your clients a customized web-store to fulfill all of their promotional needs. 99.99% chance they don’t have one, nor has your competition offered them one””nor could they.