Find New Domains Using the Google Keyword Tool

This page will walk you through the process of using Google’s free Keyword Tool to locate high quality domains that not only will help you for SEO reasons, but will also generate direct navigation traffic as well. This process is used by thousands of professional domainers to locate the lowest hanging fruit of new, unregistered domains. Why is this strategy so good? First because you are locating brand new domains so you are only spending $8-$10 depending on the Registrar and second, because it actually works!

The Concept

This concept basically involves taking a keyword or phrase (usually a phrase because of the level of competition) and finding out if that phrase is available as a .com domain with no hyphens, prefix's, suffix's, or any extra characters. So for example you may find that the keyphrase “healthy energy drink” gets several hundred searches on Google each month. This concept would have you check if is available for purchase. Why? The assumption behind this strategy says that if the keyphrase “healthy energy drink” gets hundreds of searches in the Google Search Engine each month, than chances are you are going to get a small percentage of that in Direct Navigation Traffic. Make sense?

This is of course not limited to just the .com TLD. It could be .org or .net as well. But know that .com is still the “cream of the crop” and is still most popular amongst most web users.

A Few Important Things to Note

The trick here is to check domain availability in bulk. This is key to helping you streamline the process, otherwise you could be spending your entire day checking for domain names. So you need a domain registrar that allows you to do bulk checks. I recommend checking in an encrypted environment so that domain “spy's” or “squatters” don't grab your domains before you do. NameCheap has a really easy to use Bulk Domain Checker that makes it super easy to check 30 domains at a time.

Also, keep the amount of characters in your domain to a limit. Obviously a domain like is not worth purchasing. It's too long! Yeah sure that keyphrase may get decent volume in Google, but to have a domain that long you are pretty much wasting your time.

Step 1: Load the Google Keyword Tool in Your Browser

Go to

Step 2: Enter Either a Search Term or a Website URL

There are two options you can work with here. You can enter a keyword or phrase and Google will give you data on that phrase along with a hundred or so other related search queries. Or you can put in a website URL and the tool will give you keywords and phrases related to that page. Both will generate a ton of keywords and phrases to work with.

Step 3: Change Results from “Broad” Match to “Exact”

We don't want to see the Broad match search volume data. That means nothing to you. You want to see the Exact match data to see how each specific keyword or phrase performs on it's own. This is a very important step.

Step 4: Export as CSV File

Now we want to export this list so we can mess around with the data. Locate the Export link towards the bottom of the page and save that CSV file to your desktop

Step 5: Open CSV File & Find and Replace

Now that we have our CSV file full of keywords, open that bad boy up in Microsoft Excel (or Open Office Calc). Now we want to use the all so famous Find and Replace tool to turn this…[healthy energy drinks]…into this…

Step 6: Use Your Bulk Domain Checker

Now you take your list of domains in your Spreadsheet and begin running Bulk Domain Checks on their availability. Boom baby! Start snagging up the good ones. There are two specific things that I look for in this situation:

Domains that have at least 200 Exact Local Search Volume. This gives me an idea of the amount of traffic I will get each month from this domain.

Is this domain too long? Anything longer than 12-14 characters is starting to get too long.

Step 7: Add Available Domains to Cart and Purchase

If you use a domain registrar like NameCheap this last step is extremely easy. Start adding available domains to your cart and purchase away! NameCheap will give you free Privacy Whois on every single one of your domains that you purchase through them. Domains through them are only $9.69 a piece. And the checkout process is so simple and easy, unlike GoDaddy who's long and lengthy checkout process will drive you crazy!

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