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It’s no secret that the world is different now than it was a couple of months ago. “When will everything return to normal?” is a question we’ve all heard asked — and asked ourselves — over and over.

But what is normal? Is it no longer working from home, or no longer wearing masks to go outside?

If this pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that we all have the power to adapt. It’s that, even when we’re confronted with impossible circumstances, we have the ability to pivot, learn something new, and do good.

We don’t think that this — this isolation, this social distancing, this uncertainty — is our new normal. But we do think that this new commitment to innovation, to creative thinking, and to technology isn’t going anywhere.

There has never been a better time for you to uplevel your digital marketing skills.

There has never been a better time for you to beat your competitors to the punch, carving out a bigger spot for your business in the global online marketplace.

You know that it’s not just about the products you offer or the services you provide anymore — it’s about your reach, your communication, and your impact.

That’s why we’ve put together this training course — to arm apparel decorators like you with the tools that you need to maximize your impact and achieve your fullest growth potential.

A new kind of world

From social media to Google searches, watching Netflix to buying groceries, the amount of time we spend online is staggering. That’s why businesses in every industry have been jumping on the digital marketing train for years.

But that train, in the past couple of months, has transformed from a should-have necessity to a must-have life-or-death vehicle for businesses.

It’s not just about convenience anymore. It’s about being able to continue business, to continue communicating with customers, and being of use to them, despite whatever circumstances are happening outside.

This pandemic has shown us that we need to be flexible and that we need to be mobile. Our world is becoming more and more remote-friendly, which means our businesses need to follow suit.

What else has this pandemic shown us?

Without a way to communicate with their customers, brands risk being forgotten about.

Without a way to sell their products and services remotely, brands risk not being able to meet their customers’ needs.

And, when those things happen, brands risk losing their customers to the competition. It’s as simple as that.

E-commerce and digital marketing aren’t just new tricks to add to your line-up. They’re the tools you need to have in order to survive, in order to prove you have staying power, and in order to grow. So, keep reading — you’ll be glad you did.

The lowdown on digital marketing

People flock to businesses that they recognize, businesses that they trust, and businesses that they believe are the best for the job at hand.

When it comes to digital marketing, you’re able to check off all three.

First, let’s talk recognition. If you have somebody in the next town over searching Google for “the best custom printed t-shirts near me,” you’re going to want your business popping up in the results. A highly placed search result indicates to potential customers that you’re a reputable business — and that’s essential to them taking the next step (or click).

Enter Google Ads.

With a little bit of training, you’ll have what it takes to maximize your exposure — your site won’t just be visited by customers who already have your info, but by people who’ve consulted Google about their needs and found you as a result. Once they recognize that you’re at the top of their search, you’re halfway there.

Next, there’s trust.

Trust comes down to whether or not your potential customers feel like they know the people behind the business. So how do you achieve that trust?

Social media.

Facebook, in particular. With the average American spending one hour per day on the platform, it’s no wonder that businesses are gravitating towards developing high-quality ads and pages there.

But the reason that consumers are so fond of interacting with brands on Facebook (and other social platforms) isn’t simply because they’re already there. It’s because these platforms come with an air of authenticity — to consumers, a Facebook page offers them a glimpse into the people behind the business. It feels more casual, and more honest, than a website might.

As a business, you should take advantage of that. Invite your customers into your world, showcasing the qualities that set you apart from the competition.

With our Facebook Marketing course, you’ll learn how to leverage Facebook to activate campaigns, increase engagement, and spread the message of who your business is further — and with greater results.

Lastly, there’s the question of proficiency — and this, surprise surprise, also comes down to your digital marketing.

You want your ads and web pages to exude a sense of high-quality professionalism. You want your potential customers to see that you’ve invested in your digital marketing just like you invest in every facet of your business. With Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics, you’ll learn how to analyze your online presence — and adjust it to achieve more.

More traffic. More results. 

With our digital marketing training course, you won’t just learn the basics. You’ll learn everything you need to make sure your business is represented to its fullest capacity online.

One of a kind training

This might sound overwhelming. Trust us, we get it. But, like anything else you learn, once you make it over the initial learning curve it’s all smooth sailing.

That’s why we created this Digital Marketing Training Course — to help you get there faster.

Here’s what we’re offering: one course, four distinct lessons.

Google Analytics. Facebook Marketing. Google Ads. Google Tag Manager.

In each course, we’ll cover the beginner, the intermediate, and the expert skill-sets that’ll leave you ready to manage your business’s online presence. And not just manage it acceptably, but manage it well.

From digital marketing to e-commerce, Google to Facebook, we’re giving you the complete toolbox so that, as the world continues to change and businesses continue to shift their adspend and capabilities online, you’re not left behind.

We know it’s competitive out there. But we also know that the decorated apparel industry is made up of some of the hardest-working, most creative, and most customer-centric businesses in the country — so we have no doubt that you’ll rise to the occasion.

Here at InkSoft, we don’t see change as a bad thing. We see it as an opportunity to increase our knowledge, to offer more to our customers, and to become a better business.

In short: we see it as an opportunity for growth.

So, whether you take the full course or pick and choose the classes you need, we know that there’s something in there that can — and will — benefit you.

Register now for the Digital Marketing Training Course for Apparel Decorators and you’ll be the first to know when the first course is available. Come next week, next month, and next year, you’ll be glad you did.

If you have any questions, as always, don’t hesitate to reach out. Until then, we hope you accept the challenge — and we’re rooting for you.

All our best,

The InkSoft Team

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