Bottom Line Up Front: In today’s breakdown, we’re taking a look at the passion, persistence, and community spirit fueling this apparel decorator & local radio program’s online fundraiser. The results? Extraordinary.

We’re back with another Customer Spotlight, and this time we’re here to give you the details on a fundraiser that’s taking Ottawa, Canada, by storm. The thing is, we’re always blown away with what our customers — with what our community — can do. The way you’ve pivoted throughout trying times, the way you’ve lent a hand to those struggling, and the way you’ve continued to show up for each other has been nothing short of awe-inspiring.

And we mean that.

Which is why we continue to jump at the chance to show you off. To highlight your compassion and to broadcast your tenacity. Today’s Spotlight will be doing just that.

So, let’s not waste another moment — Ottawa Custom Clothing’s Chez Stafe Fundraiser, meet the InkSoft community.

A Fundraiser With Roots

Ottawa Custom Clothing is a screenprinting and embroidery shop based in, you guessed it, Ottawa, Canada. Driven by their passion for the craft and their dedication to helping customers near and far get the exact thing they’re after, it’s safe to say that Ottawa Custom Clothing cares.

And that care didn’t come anywhere close to stopping during the pandemic. In fact, it grew. Exponentially.

But let’s back up a second. When The Briggs and Barr Show at local radio station CHEZ 106 decided to create a fundraiser back in April of 2020, they were looking for a way to support their community — and specifically, their local food bank. To Jason Barr, who had accidentally told a listener to “Chez Stafe” (instead of “stay safe”) on air at the start of the pandemic, the name of the fundraiser was no question.

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His family, friends, and colleagues couldn’t stop throwing the phrase back at him, so he knew it was catchy. The only thing left to do was find a custom apparel partner — and promote, promote, promote.

Fast forward a year, and The Briggs and Barr Show was more than proud to be partnered with Ottawa Custom Clothing. After selling more than 2,500 items — including t-shirts, hoodies, hats, and masks — from their custom Online Fundraising Store, they were struck with a new mission. And this one was even closer to home.

Chris Biggs, the other host on the program, has a beautiful, non-verbal autistic son named Tison. Since April is Autism Awareness Month, the team behind the fundraiser figured — why not expand the initiative and introduce a limited edition t-shirt to the site? And why not go a step further, directing the profits of all sold merch this month to the community autism program at CHEO?

With excitement in the air and determination in their strides, that’s exactly what they did. And for Chris and his family, they knew the shift couldn’t have come at a better time for those in the autism community.

“Raising an autistic child is challenging at the best of times,” Chris wrote, “but this past year has been tough. The isolation and the new social rules. It’s been very hard on parents, caregivers, and especially the kids.”

Ottawa Custom Clothing’s Chez Stafe Online Fundraising Store Powered by InkSoft

The point of this fundraiser is to make it all easier. To send support and love — and a hearty dose of Ottawa Custom Clothing’s care — to the people who need it most.

With a custom Online Store showing off the range of Chez Stafe products, including the limited edition “Chez Unique” t-shirt, the power of e-commerce-driven fundraising is, once again, made abundantly clear. Thousands of dollars raised, thousands of community members showing up for their people, and an unrivaled sense of belonging with every click. It’s compassion, it’s dedication, and it’s leveraging the strength of technology to lend a helping hand.

This is a partnership for the ages, and with the Online Store closing at the end of April, we knew we had to give it the shout-out it deserves. To the whole team at Ottawa Custom Clothing: we see your community passion superpower, and we can’t wait for your Spotlight to begin inspiring others.

And for anyone who might have a fundraising idea of their own — now’s the time to use Online Stores to your advantage. Customize your products, customize your site, and spread word of your endeavor. From all of us here at InkSoft: we know you can do it. And with the ease and power of Online Stores, you can do it quickly. Get started today.

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