Bottom Line Up Front: InkSoft’s Proposals is the industry’s first comprehensive tool for offline orders, offering you more customization power, technical control, and productivity than you ever thought possible. Its newest feature enhancement, Custom Line Items, transforms what’s possible for your Proposals.

Custom Line Items Video Overview

The Custom Line Items feature is a game-changer! Watch the Video to see why.

In the world of decorated apparel, your business is judged on few things as intensively as it’s judged on how well it can customize. A big portion of that judgment comes down to the final product: does the design stack up? Is the quality that was expected met — or even surpassed?

But the final stages of your customers’ order life cycle aren’t the only stages where your customization power is examined and critiqued. Sure, if you show up with a less-than final product, your customers won’t hurry back to repeat business — but what about if you show up to the beginning of the process with documents that lack pizazz?

What if you offer a pitch that doesn’t inspire enthusiasm or confidence from your prospects? What if you give off a first impression that looks exactly like the first touch point of the decorator down the street?

You work in an industry where customization capabilities are everything. Your power to create knockout custom products should be shining through every step of every order process, persuading your new prospects and long-time customers alike that you are the right business for the job.

Stale emails, generic attachments, and unpersonalized proposals do not convert.

So what does?

Digital proposals that are as visually compelling as they are informative. Interactive presentations that your prospects can scroll through, zoom in on, and leave their own comments inside of. And custom line items that make every proposal, and every product presentation, feel like it was crafted just for them.

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to InkSoft’s Proposals — and welcome to its newest feature enhancement. Let’s dive in.

The Perfect Context for Customization

InkSoft’s Proposals is the industry’s first comprehensive tool for offline orders, giving you the centralized platform, the industry-specific features, and the seamless integrations you need to run an organized, productive, and spectacularly customized shop. 

Wow-worthy proposals. Branded quotes. Automated order entry. Efficient art approvals. Custom invoicing. 

You name it, InkSoft’s Proposals does it. And it does it without you having to manage the stress of a thousand tools.

Everything you need to win over a prospect, keep customers up-to-date with their orders, and keep payment plans running on track is inside this revolutionary platform. You get to choose what gets automated, what gets customized, and what gets sent out for approval when — and you get to give your whole team access to the whole process, in the same place.

It’s coordination like you’ve never seen. It’s productivity like you’ve never imagined. And it’s customizable creativity like your customers deserve to see — at every turn.

InkSoft’s Proposals is the future of our industry. It’s the future of sending knockout, individualized proposals that take no more than a few clicks to create, and it’s the future of wowing your prospects remotely, from the very first contact.

You’ve nailed down your design cycle. You’ve perfected your production. All that’s left to do now is give your business the power of an introduction that does its unique, showstopping, customer-impressing capabilities justice. 

But it’s not just about the easy-to-use, easy-to-navigate digital framework, and it’s not just about the ability to showcase vivid, custom product markups on pages with custom branding. Because that’s the basic stuff. The details — the high-value features that enable you to add flashes and flourishes of differentiation on each and every proposal — are what truly makes InkSoft’s Proposals stand out. 

And the newest detail we’re bringing to the table? The Custom Line Item feature enhancement. 

Don’t say we didn’t warn you: it might just transform your ability to hook your prospects — and reel them in. 

The Feature Breakdown

Imagine having the freedom to add a one-off custom line item to any proposal. Imagine being able to group different colors and sizes of the product into that same line item, or being able to split a line item up by their different details. Imagine being able to do any of that however many times over you want to. 

Want to add custom face masks to the proposal? No sweat — with one click, you can add a “˜Face Mask’ line item, and with four more clicks, you can add four images of the same, or different, face mask markups. Get the same mask from different angles or show off different logos and styles; the choice for how you help your customers visualize the end-result is up to you.

Within the “˜Face Mask’ line item, you can note the number of masks you’re proposing for a specific size — and with that notation, your customers will have a total price, based on the unit price, for that specific size. Add as many sizes as you’d like; the more details you offer, the clearer the overall picture your customers will have.

Let’s say you only proposed youth-sized face masks, and you wanted to double back to add in an adult option as well. With the Custom Line Item feature enhancement, you’re able to head back into the line item to edit, copy, or remove it altogether — whenever you want. Add more sizes, get updated totals, and give your customers the freedom to explore new options and change their mind.

If you do include that adult size within the same line item — but later decide it’s easier to visualize for your customers if you separate the sizes into two different line items — you have that option, too. Simply copy the original line option, delete the “˜adult’ size from inside of it, and then delete the “˜youth’ size from the copied line option. Ta-da — two line items, one size in each. 

The customization potential with this feature is truly limitless — and while we might be biased, we’re also technically correct. 

You have the ability to go into each line item and add new details — from size to quantity to price — over and over again. You have the ability to remold your proposal based on customer feedback, include new products and new possibilities, and open the door to a final order that’s far more refined — and higher in value — than the original. 

You can add notes on each line item, so your customers can quickly understand the nuances of the products inside. Or, you can use the notes box to do some product storytelling, giving them a clear-cut reason as to why you think this line item will help their aim — with the whole order — get met. Remember: you’re not just selling products. You’re selling solutions. Give them the information they need to read, paint them the picture they need to see, and then step back as they make their decisions.

More informed, and more persuaded to act, than ever before.

New Customer Line Item Interface

The Wrap Up

With unlimited customization potential in front of you, InkSoft’s Proposals gives you the power to create targeted proposals that excite more, persuade more, and drive more results. And the newly enhanced Custom Line Items feature gives you the logistical control you need to make sure you’re conveying exactly what you want to convey, exactly where you want to convey it.

In other words? This is just one breakdown, of one feature, that makes InkSoft’s proposals uniquely qualified to help you increase your organization, your productivity, and your profitability.

From giving you the upper hand when it comes to succinct product storytelling to giving you the reins when it comes to proposal (and order) change management, this tool was designed to be the technology that helps you stand out. Because we all know that the market is only getting more crowded, and we all know that your audience is only getting more desensitized to the technology they’ve always seen.

So give them something new. Give them something fresh. Give them the details, the convenience, and the customization they deserve.

Because if you don’t, someone else will.

For the full Custom Line Items feature demo video, click here. Or, for your own tour of InkSoft’s Proposals, visit the tool’s page now.