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Finally, there is one smart system to manage customers, orders, and production in the decoration industry.

InkSoft Core makes the entire process seamless, from customer acquisition to final product delivery. No more wasted time, patchwork processes, or frustrated customers. Just smooth sailing to a bigger bottom line.

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InkSoft Core

Customer Management

The core of sales productivity

If you aren’t keeping track of your prospects and customers, you are leaving money on the table. Don’t let your valuable relationships slip through the cracks. With InkSoft Core, you can easily manage all of your business relationships in one system.

Happy customers. Repeat buyers. Healthy bottom line.

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InkSoft Customer Management
Relationship Magic

Track your customers through their entire journey: from lead to prospect to sale. InkSoft keeps track of who they are, what they need, and how you can best serve them. Our integrated CRM means you always build relationships that last.

InkSoft Customer Management Software
One Interface - Loads of Information

Stop juggling multiple systems and disconnected information. The InkSoft CRM allows you to find everything you need to make the sale (over and over again) with things like notes, order history, activity timeline, address book, demographic information, custom tags, and more.

Order Management

The core of your efficiency machine

As you perfect your sales process, you’ll have to increase your order efficiency. Bottlenecks and processing errors can amplify as they move downstream, so heading them off early is key. InkSoft Core allows you to efficiently and predictably fulfill orders and stop wasting time with a bulky, unreliable, manual process.

Quick turnaround. Minimal errors. Smooth sailing.

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InkSoft Order Management
Coordination and Simplification

There are lots of moving pieces when an order comes in -- shipping options, payment details, customer information, art content, etc. InkSoft Core organizes them into one coordinated system to make it easy for you to fulfill a decorated product order.

InkSoft Order Management Software
Productivity that Scales

No matter how many orders come in, you’ll be ready. InkSoft Core allows you to efficiently manage orders during the busy times, meaning you won’t have to stress about keeping up with the demand. It does the heavy lifting for your team, allowing them to focus on what they do best.

Production Management

The core of your print productivity

You’ve successfully brought on new business and streamlined your order process: now what? Your customers expect quality products delivered on time. Throwing a wrench into your production and fulfillment process would be disastrous. InkSoft Core eliminates mistakes and enables your team to deliver the best product to your customers.

Predictable process. Less down-time. Better quality products.

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InkSoft Production Management
Simple Organization

Assign jobs and tasks to your team using production cards. These customizable cards provide all the information needed to complete the job, and make the fulfillment journey seamless and consistent.

Screen Printing Production Management
Smart Job Management

With InkSoft Core, you can visualize the entire job pipeline and easily prioritize and oversee the process from one system. Your job pipeline stays free from bottlenecks, and you maximize efficiency and profits.

Screen Printing Production Management Software
Custom Workflows

Every shop works differently, and we want to maximize the things you already do well. You can route and assign work for any decoration method you offer (or would like to offer). Our custom workflows match your custom processes to ensure everything gets done accurately and quickly.

Purchasing Manager

The core of your purchasing and receiving

Inventory control, supplier relations, and receiving can be a chaotic, stressful part of a decorating business. Now, InkSoft Core eliminates the chaos with streamlined, efficient purchasing and receiving. You get peace of mind knowing that everything will be where you need it, when you need it.

Simple purchase orders. Streamlined receiving.

InkSoft Purchasing Manager
Purchasing Simplified

With InkSoft Core's purchasing order workflow, purchasing blank goods is fast and simple. Core helps to eliminate mistakes and ensures that goods are ordered properly and on time. You rest easy knowing your production operation is running smoothly.

InkSoft Product Purchasing Tools
Receiving the Easy Way

Forget the days of chaos of in your receiving department. InkSoft Core's Purchasing Manager has the industry's easiest tools for receiving blank goods. Your team will be able to advance jobs quicker...and spend a lot less time worrying.

InkSoft Core + Online Stores + Design Studio = The Ultimate Solution

InkSoft Core is fully integrated with InkSoft selling tools like online stores and the Design Studio. This makes InkSoft the most complete solution available to today’s print shops and decorators.

InkSoft Online Stores
InkSoft Online Stores

InkSoft's online stores are the easiest way to sell decorated products. All online orders from stores automatically flow into InkSoft Core.

InkSoft Design Studio

Allow your customers to design custom products online. All orders from the Design Studio automatically flow into InkSoft Core.

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