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Selling your Business with Rock LaManna | The BIG Idea Podcast

We are excited to have Rock LaManna from LaManna Alliance and The Printer’s Edge Podcast. Rock has over 35 years of industry experience and attended Harvard Business School. In this… read more →

The Ink Kitchen with Rick Roth | The BIG Idea Podcast

Welcome Rick Roth from Mirror Image, Inc. to the BIG Idea Podcast.  In addition to running Mirror Image, Rick has an industry blog called The Ink Kitchen. Rick has all… read more →

Raising Your Game with Lon Winters | The BIG Idea Podcast

Scree printing business tips

This week we are joined by Lon Winters from Graphic Elephants. Lon is a screen printing business expert and consultant. Lon knows everything about running a successful shop, and he… read more →

Shop Culture with Brett Bowden | The BIG Idea Podcast

Shop Culture This week we are joined by Brett Bowden from Printed Threads. Brett has a passion for art and screen printing, and has translated that into a very successful… read more →

Future of the Industry with Johnny Shell | The BIG Idea Podcast

The Future of the Industry This week we are joined by Johnny Shell, industry expert and VP of Print Technology and Training for SGIA. Johnny helps us break down the… read more →

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