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Meet Courtney Jones

Courtney Jones

We’re thrilled to welcome Courtney Jones as our newest InkSoft Success Squad Team member.

We’re celebrating a stellar decade in business.

InkSoft Turns 10

Ten years is a long time—it’s 3,650 days or 87,600 hours or 5,256,000 minutes. But who’s counting? At InkSoft, we are. We’re celebrating a stellar decade in business. A lot… read more →

Meet Kevin Houchin

Kevin Houchin

We’re thrilled to welcome Director of Marketing Kevin Houchin as our newest InkSoft Team member. To help InkSoft customers get the most out of our online business-building tools, Kevin will… read more →

New Feature: Proposals Shareable Link

Proposals Shareable Link

We’ve added a simple way to access shareable links directly to approvals or invoices created in InkSoft Proposals. This allows you to quickly copy a direct link so you can… read more →

Introducing Matt Peterson, InkSoft’s Director of Marketing

We want to introduce everyone to our newest team member, Matt Peterson. Matt will serve as InkSoft’s new Director of Marketing. Matt comes with a full toolkit of marketing experience.… read more →

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