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Spotlight On: Faux Pas Prints & Quarantine Cuisine

Welcome back to everybody’s favorite InkSoft blog series: “˜Spotlight On:’ community initiatives extraordinaire! In today’s edition, we’ll be highlighting another fantastic fundraising campaign — all in the hopes of veering… read more →

Spotlight On: Support St. Chuck & The Lou

Alright, everyone, we’re back! Welcome to the second edition of the “˜Spotlight on’ series, where we find local initiatives that are making a difference and give them the recognition, the… read more →

Spotlight On: #RacineStrong Fundraising Campaign

Racine Strong Online T-Shirt Fundraising Store

With all of the uncertainty clouding around us these days, we at InkSoft thought it would be nice to switch things up. No more focusing on the darkness — instead,… read more →

Spotlight On: Embroidery & Screen Works (EASW)

There’s nothing more inspiring than a business that looks out for other businesses. That’s always true — but it’s especially true now. It’s March, 2020. The whole country is on… read more →

Spotlight On: 72 Clothing Co. Featuring Dr. Hinshaw

During times of crisis, we turn to experts. When uncertainty is more widespread than answers, when contradictions are made in every news cycle, we look to the experts who were… read more →

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