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The Campus King

Steven Farag of Campus Ink

Meet Steven Farag, a man who in just a few years has gone from creating a viral St. Patrick’s Day T-Shirt design in his frat house to running a printing business doing over 7 figures in sales.

How has he been able to do it?

By identifying his target customer, putting himself in their shoes (literally and figuratively), and alleviating the biggest pain points that come with ordering apparel for an organization.

Steven has successfully adopted the solutions-oriented business model that eliminates the price sensitivity of customers by removing friction and making their lives much easier.

Through savvy marketing, an openness to the ever-evolving industry trends, Steven has been able to fulfill orders for over 15,000 college students by using InkSoft, the only software to “truly understand how the fulfillment and backend need to work after the sale” for the decorated apparel industry.

Take a listen to learn:

  • Steven’s journey and his approach to his business & marketing plan
  • The limitations of Shopify for printing businesses
  • Some key lessons on how to effectively scale your business
  • Why the key to getting business is understanding your customer
  • The need for a convenient, solutions-oriented business model in this day and age

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