InkSoft embedded payments gives shops a better way to manage and process customer transactions by centralizing everything you need into one single platform. You can combine powerful tools like InkSoft Stores and Proposals with a system that helps you track your sales better and ensure you’re profitable.

Curious about how embedded payments help you run your shop better? Check out these three benefits.

  1. Better reporting

How much time do you and your team spend calculating customer transactions weekly? And how often does that process involve logging into a different platform to keep track of everything? Now spread that time over a year, and you’re probably spending considerable time record-keeping.

InkSoft Payments gives you detailed records of money sent and received in an easy-to-read layout. Plus, it’s built into the InkSoft platform, so you don’t need to log into a separate program once you manage your orders or customer proposals for the week.

And ultimately, you’ll have another tool to see where your most robust sales are coming from so you can keep running a profitable business.

  1. Steadier cash flow with embedded payments

Managing cash flow is one of the more considerable challenges facing most shops. Especially if you’re dealing with a payment processor that places lengthy deposit holds on the money you bring in.

If you and your team have a busy but productive week where you’ve pulled in dozens of jobs, you don’t want to deal with waiting for that money to come in for an extended period.

With InkSoft embedded payments, there aren’t untimely holds that set your business back. In most cases, you’ll see your money in 2-3 banking days for card payments, so you can focus on printing merchandise for your customers instead of waiting to get paid.

  1. Unlimited embedded payments support

Whether you’re buying screen printing software, a heat press, or purchasing a new CRM platform, any investment you make for your shop is only as good as the end-user support that comes with it. With InkSoft embedded payments, the same reliable, helpful in-house support team takes care of all your other support needs. You’ll have a team of pros ready to help you get started and answer any questions.


We’re working on other upcoming features that’ll also benefit your business, like:

Stored billing profiles for shops

Save customer billing profile information on file so you can set up reorders faster for your recurring customers. It enhances that hassle-free online business experience by saving card information for frequent customers. Not to mention, it saves your team time with order processing.

**Note: Stored billing profiles are currently active for the customer-facing side of embedded payments, but the shop-facing feature mentioned above will be released later.

There are also additional features, which we’ll share more news on soon.